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Date: May 2, 2016

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Service Fabric v1.13 makes it easy to deploy, manage and scale microservices and their middleware components including ZooKeeper, Spark, Kafka and Cassandra, in seconds…

London, UK, May 2, 2016 – Paremus announces Early Access to Service Fabric v 1.13; a standards-based, modular, robust Data Centre Operating System (DCOS) that enables a high degree of automation. The Service Fabric is an evolvable platform that is lightweight enough to run on a single laptop or raspberry Pi and yet capable of robustly scaling to the largest of mission critical environments.

The Service Fabric’s intuitive GUI enables the simple deployment and upgrade of modular, microservice-based and monolithic applications; including popular Big Data components such as Spark, Kafka and Cassandra in seconds.

Richard Nicholson, Paremus CEO stated that “The Paremus Service Fabric is the logical choice for organisations that wish to harness the promised agility and Sscalability of microservices, but wish to avoid the Operational Complexity, architectural constraints and lock-in inherent in Opinionated platform solutions. This Service Fabric release continues to demonstrate the art of the possible; not only for microservices but also for distributed highly maintainable OSGi, Java, Docker and non-Java based solutions.”

New capabilities on offer with v1.13 include:

  1. A new decentralised resource and service discovery mechanism, highly scalable. lightweight, secure by default, and trivially simple to configure.
  2. Powerful zero configuration runtime isolation mechanisms enabling: isolation of microservice components running within an OSGi framework, process isolation via Docker/RunC, and most importantly appropriate runtime isolation of the resultant microservices.
  3. The ability to simply create, manage and when required repair, ZooKeeper Ensembles; removing the complexities associated with managing consensus services and allowing these functions to be co-located with the business services that require them.
  4. Service Fabric customers will also obtain access to a growing number of popular middleware components.  In addition to the ZooKeeper Ensemble Manager, this release enables on-demand deployment of Spark and Kafka services.

With architectural foundations rooted in OSGi industry standards, the Paremus Service Fabric is increasingly being recognised as a platform capable of meeting the challenges of massive scale and distribution of the burgeoning IoT market.

“Simple to install, simple to manage, simple to upgrade and simple to recover from unforeseen outages, are fundamental principles that underpin the Service Fabric. Perhaps more importantly, whether for traditional Enterprise, Big Data or IoT, the Paremus Service Fabric is the only platform capable of adapting to your changing Business requirements, and thereby protecting  your IT investments.” explains Mike Francis, Paremus Sales and Marketing Director and OSGi Alliance VP of Marketing.

To register for an Early Access or General Availability evaluation of the Service Fabric v1.13 please visit

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About Paremus

Paremus is a market leader in delivering a next generation runtime, the Paremus Service Fabric, for service oriented monolithic, modular and microservice-based applications to run across federated Cloud Computing environments.

Applicable for the enterprise and IoT markets the Service Fabric was the first in a new era of standards-based, adaptive, dynamic, model driven application runtimes that leverages the OSGi™ standards internally and provides a solution that is easy and quick for application deployment and ongoing operations and maintenance.

Founded in 2001 by senior technologists from the investment banking industry Paremus is funded by private investors and continues to innovate to disrupt the status quo of the traditional vendors.

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