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Date: May 16, 2016

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FlairBit and Paremus Partner to Address Customer Demand for Large Scale Robust, Evolvable, Manageable and Maintainable IoT Solutions

Genoa, Italy and London, UK, May 16, 2016 – FlairBit and Paremus are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to provide scalable, elastic and highly cohesive solutions and applications for IoT, M2M and Industry 4.0 applications.

IoT solutions at scale demand modularity, a robust and elastic infrastructure and the ability to evolve and maintain the solutions over the long term. FlairBit leverages OSGi modularity to deliver microservices for the IoT. These include data compression and data pre-processing agents, IoT Big Data connectors, data access security modules, analytics and data crunching components based on Apache Spark. To effectively deliver its solutions to its customers, FlairBit needed an enterprise-grade, versatile, flexible and distributed cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS): a platform that is simple to install, simple to maintain and operationally robust. Paremus provides a federated Data Centre Operating System (DCOS) called the Service Fabric which satisfies these business needs. The Paremus DCOS leverages the OSGi open industry standards for software modularity, is highly adaptable and evolvable, and provides the necessary runtime abstractions to decouple, and thereby protect applications from planned and unplanned infrastructure changes.

According to Matteo Rulli, CEO of FlairBit, “The simplicity of operation of the Paremus Service Fabric and its support for OSGi, non-OSGi, and even non-Java applications and components, along with Docker means that we have a single solution to support all of our customer PaaS requirements.” 

FlairBit is made up of IoT experts and enthusiasts with many years of experience in developing and delivering cutting-edge, flexible, scalable, reliable, and secure software solutions in the IoT, M2M and Industry 4.0 markets (e.g., Smart Agriculture, Connected Products, Energy Management). FlairBit expertise covers a good part of the IoT stack: data acquisition, data modelling, data distribution and discovery, data analysis and processing and data visualization.

“We are excited to partner with FlairBit. The team’s extensive experience in delivering solutions for Industrial IoT customers is invaluable.” comments Richard Nicholson, Paremus founder and CEO, “Applying their domain expertise to the Federated Cloud architecture that the Service Fabric offers is already resonating with customers looking at large scale IoT solutions and the FlairBit focus on data and integrating Big Data into IoT is ideal given the Service Fabric’s support for the rapid deployment and scaling of Big Data projects including ZooKeeper, Spark, Kafka and Cassandra.”

Paremus is committed to leading the next fundamental change in the IT industry – the era of automated, federated, modular, Microservices-based Cloud Computing. As long standing Strategic Members of the OSGi Alliance, Paremus has extensive experience in modularity, Microservices and OSGi, the open industry standard for software modularity. As modularity is a fundamental enabler, members of Paremus team are involved within a number of popular open source OSGi projects including Apache Aries and Bnd. In addition one of our team is the founder and lead for Bndtools, the popular OSGi tooling plugin for Eclipse.

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About FlairBit
FlairBit is an Internet of Things (IoT) consulting and software development company with many years of experience in designing and delivering machine-to-machine (M2M) and Industrial IoT software solutions. FlairBit is your ideal partner to build cutting edge, secure, high quality end-to-end IoT solutions.

FlairBit services cover data acquisition, data distribution and analytics as well as data presentation. Our data centric solutions are the crossroad between powerful analytics tools and your operational data. FlairBit key principles are:

  • Operational data is a key asset of any organization: data quality and availability create real value for the enterprise
  • Pervasive, reactive and distributed services along with high-quality linked data constitute the fundamental building blocks of successful IoT architectures
  • Seamless integration between data acquisition, business intelligence and data representation provides valuable feedbacks on operational efficiency and even highlights potential new business models within an organization.


About Paremus
Paremus is a market leader in delivering a next generation runtime, the Paremus Service Fabric, for service oriented monolithic, modular and microservice-based applications to run across federated Cloud Computing environments.

Applicable for the enterprise and IoT markets the Service Fabric was the first in a new era of standards-based, adaptive, dynamic, model driven application runtimes that leverages the OSGi™ standards internally and provides a solution that is easy and quick for application deployment and ongoing operations and maintenance.

Founded in 2001 by senior technologists from the investment banking industry Paremus is funded by private investors and continues to innovate to disrupt the status quo of the traditional vendors.

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