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Date: October 19, 2016


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Paremus and Richstone Data Technologies Sign Strategic Partnership to Address the Burgeoning IoT and Big Data Markets in China

Richstone Data Technologies pleased to be able to offer Service Fabric federated cloud solutions and support for customers in China

London, UK, and Guangzhou, China October 19, 2016 – Paremus, provider of the Service Fabric, an OSGi™ Enabled, federated cloud platform, and Richstone Data Technologies, a leading provider of Big Data solutions, today announce a strategic partnership to address the IoT and Big Data markets in China.

Richstone Data Technologies use of the Paremus Service Fabric will deliver future-proofed IoT management and analytics capabilities that are robust, secure, and simple to deploy and scale; within the customer’s own environment and in third party Cloud environments.

Current IoT platforms pursue an approach where tightly coupled software components are run in large, heavily consolidated and physically remote Cloud Service Provider data centers. Consequently IoT analytics are performed remotely from the physical environments they serve. However, IoT in all its forms, including Smart Cities, Precision Agriculture, Industrial and M2M, requires precisely the opposite. To be effective and operate real-time within the context of each customer’s environment Predictive Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) processing must be located at the edge in the customers own environment.

In addition, it must be possible to simply, securely and rapidly update only the relevant software components, Yet, it must also be possible to simply and securely process refined  and anonymized data in off-site Big Data Analytics Cloud environments for offline historical trend analysis. To make this vision a reality it must be as operationally simple to install, manage and update the IoT solution, in either the customer’s own environment or in a third party Cloud. Ideally this should be an operational process that is as simple as installing an application on a smart phone.

“Combining Richstone’s Big Data and AI expertise with the Paremus Service Fabric enables Richstone to create truly innovative, operationally simple, maintainable and scalable IoT solutions that directly meet these challenges” said Jeff Liu, CTO Richstone. “By making it easy to install and run Machine Leaning and AI processing at the edge, we put the power in to our customer’s hands.  Service Fabrics may be simply created for the secure, predictive analysis and monitoring of real-time systems at each customers location. Each Service Fabric shields the customer’s commercially sensitive data, monitoring and control systems from the Internet.”

In time, these self-contained IoT solutions can be meshed together to realize Smart City solutions for infrastructure services, business and the citizens. In turn these can be meshed together in to Smart Regions, Smart Provinces and Smart Nations.

As agility and evolvability are critical for long term success, the foundations of this vision must be based upon open industry standards for software modularity. As the open industry standard for Java software modularity, OSGi technology provides these necessary foundations, and oneM2M provides the necessary architectural vision to build on top of these foundations. The Paremus Service Fabric, which is OSGi Enabled, achieves precisely this, offering a non-opinionated platform enabling IoT solutions and environments to adapt and evolve over time. Furthermore, Paremus and Richstone’s architectural approach to federated Smart Cities is not only industry standards based, but completely analogous to the original federated design goals of DARPA’s ARPANET, the original Internet.

Jeff Liu, continues, “Having worked with the Paremus team while at GE Digital I became familiar with the Service Fabric capabilities and realized its great potential. Working with the Paremus team, we successfully created an adaptive IoT platform capability in a few weeks that remains unsurpassed from what I have seen in the market today. I, and my colleagues at Richstone, are excited to bring these capabilities to the Chinese market, leapfrogging the current Cloud offerings and providing innovative solutions to the IoT”.

“This strategic partnership with Richstone is an important step in Paremus’ expansion in to China. We recognize that to be successful in China you need a credible partner who not only has the technical vision, but who can deliver the design, installation and support services to support these non-stop 24 x 7 IoT solutions,” states Mike Francs, Paremus Sales and Marketing Director. “We believe that realizing the real value from IoT and Smart Cities is a strategic long term endeavor and we believe that China have the correct attitude to planning and strategic investment to lead the world in this area.”

A key tenet of Paremus’ philosophy is to deliver adaptable and evolvable solutions that are operationally simple, secure and robust. Richard Nicholson, Paremus founder and CEO, underlines the importance of this, “IoT solutions in 10 or 20 years time are going to look very different to today’s ones. This needs platforms and infrastructure that cannot only meet todays embryonic requirements, but easily adapt to support the future requirements of applications we do not even know about. This has to be achieved without continually ripping up investments and building new platforms. The Paremus Service Fabric, conceived in 2006, continues to adapt and embrace new industry standards and trends without compromising its core principles, so is clearly an ideal choice to meet this challenge”. 

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About Paremus
Paremus is a market leader in delivering a next generation runtime, the Paremus Service Fabric, for service oriented monolithic, modular and microservice-based applications to run across federated Cloud Computing environments.

Applicable for the enterprise and IoT markets the Service Fabric was the the first in a new era of standards-based, adaptive, dynamic, model driven application runtimes that leverages the OSGi™ standards internally and provides a solution that is easy and quick for application deployment and ongoing operations and maintenance.

Founded in 2001 by senior technologists from the investment banking industry Paremus is funded by private investors and continues to innovate to disrupt the status quo of the traditional vendors.

About Richstone Data Technologies
Richstone Data Technologies focuses on big data, analytics, IoT and Smart City technologies.

Their products are used extensively by big telecom operators and governments.

The company was founded in 2015, by local successful entrepreneurs and international technology experts.

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