A lightweight, dynamic Cloud platform that simplifies and automates the process of deploying and managing distributed applications.

An end to end browser-based monitoring and management suite for the Paremus Service Fabric.

The open source easy, powerful and productive way to develop with OSGi. Based on bnd and Eclipse. Bndtools Pro offers a supported and integrated experience with the Service Fabric.

Paremus Service Fabric

The Paremus Service Fabric is a distributed platform that enables applications to be deployed to a potentially very large set of nodes called Fibres. Fabrics may be rapidly formed from a population of Fibres running either on-premise or in a public cloud. In either case the application deployment process is as simple as installing an application onto modern consumer device.

Fabric hosted applications are referred to as Systems; each consisting of many different collaborating services. The host Fabric is responsible for automatically deploying each System’s services to the most appropriate Fibres available, configuring them and then automatically wiring them together according to the System’s requirements. Once a System is activated, the Fabric closely monitors the state of the deployed services, scaling and re-locating these as required.

Though the Service Fabric supports any traditional application type for its services, from scripts to native code, and therefore supports any protocol that these applications use to communicate, it is highly optimized for fine grained OSGi applications using Distributed OSGi.

Further details are available in our online documentation.

Please contact us for Service Fabric licensing and pricing information.

Key Features

  • Adaptive
  • Dynamically Scalable
  • Self-Healing
  • Highly Automated
  • Supports Modular & Monolitic apps
  • Increases Agility
  • Standards-based


Paremus Entire

The Operations team may simple manage multiple local or remote Service Fabrics via Paremus Entire.

Having selected a Service Fabric of interest, Entire enables:

  • Systems to be imported and deployed.
  • The runtime deployment topology of a System and the inter-relationship between the running Services to be viewed.
  • Resource information concerning underlying compute resource, operating system and runtime metrics to be viewed.
  • Logs and Alerts for both the population of Fibres which form the Fabric and the System’s running upon it.


  • Via flexible roles based management one may restrict or enable access to Entire’s management functions and views.
  • Configure flexible threshold based Alerting and Notification based on properties reported by Entire.

Entire to provides an intuitive and rich GUI for all of your Operations, Business Group and Management users whether they are on a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

Intuitive GUI
  • Browser-based
  • Monitoring & Management from anywhere
  • Comprehensive Drilldown
  • Role-based Access

Bndtools Pro

Bndtools Pro is the extended and supported Paremus version of the popular open source Bndtools Eclipse plugin. Bndtools is focused on makes it easy and efficient to develop good quality OSGi applications.

Using the OSGi Resolver standard to resolve runtime dependencies allows the developer to concentrate on just the “top-level” bundles that comprise the application. Bndtools uses bytecode analysis to accurately calculate the dependencies of your OSGi bundles meaning that the developer doesn’t have to manually maintain package dependency information.

Automated support for Semantic Versioning ensures that that its simple and easy for the developer to adhere to OSGi development best practices and that your application life cycle is well managed, controlled and consistently reproducible.

With a pluggable repository model, bundles may be referenced at build-time and also used to satisfy runtime dependencies. Repository plug-ins for OBR and Maven/Nexus are currently available.

To further increase developer efficiency a test runner is integrated. This launches an OSGi framework containing a selection of bundles, executes the test cases declared in those bundles, and shuts down OSGi. The whole process takes mere milliseconds and results are reported in the standard Eclipse JUnit view.

Bndtools Pro extends the open source version by offering:

  • Integrated tooling for creating and editing Service Fabric Systems
  • Nexus integration
  • Support

The integration with the Service Fabric means the developer can create their application, run their unit tests, and then deploy to a development Service Fabric. This enables complete end-to-end testing before any code is released to the next stage in the tool chain.

With Bndtools Pro and our consulting services Paremus can deliver the complete tool chain tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring your governance and change control procedures are adhered to.

Checkout the open source Bndtools project for more information and a tutorial on Bndtools. Contact us to find out more about the Bndtools Pro solution.

Efficient Development
  • Integrated with Service Fabric
  • Eclipse Plugin
  • Automated Semantic Versioning
  • Nexus integration
  • Fully supported solution