What We Do

What We Do

Paremus offers Products, Support, Training and Consulting.

We are committed to leading the next fundamental change in the IT industry – the era of automated, federated, modular, Microservices-based Cloud Computing.

As long standing Strategic Members, of the OSGi Alliance, we have extensive experience in modularity, Microservices and OSGi, the open industry standard for software modularity. We are active Board members (our CEO was President from 2010-12 and is now responsible for Strategy) and our team is heavily involved in the evolution of the specifications; leading and contributing to a number of these including Distributed OSGi and Asynchronous Services.

As modularity is a fundamental enabler members of our team are involved within a number of open source OSGi projects including Apache Aries and Bnd. In addition one of our team is the founder and lead for Bndtools, the popular OSGi tooling plugin for Eclipse.

Products & Support

The Paremus Service Fabric, our flagship product, is a lightweight, adaptive Cloud platform. Designed to make modular and monolithic application deployment as quick and easy as installing an application on a smartphone or tablet while lowering the cost of maintenance and operations, improving scalability and resilience, and simplifying the move to becoming a truly Agile, modular software-based organization.

With 24 x 7 x 365 support, our customers can be sure that they have access to our team of experts when they need it.


We offer product specific and general Public and Private customizable training courses to enable organizations to benefit from our extensive experience in OSGi and migrating to the new era of automated, federated, modular, Microservices-based Cloud Computing.


Our team includes some of the leading modularization and service-oriented experts in the world. We provide consulting services to pass on best practices, to plan for and implement truly modular, Microservices-based applications and architectures (covering from development through to production) and advice on how to achieve the operational cost savings that their businesses are demanding.

For Service Fabric customers, we offer the full suite of professional services to take you from design, through implementation, integration and destructive testing, to live Production operation.


If you have any questions please get in touch, we will be pleased to answer these and discuss any of your potential requirements.